Initiative by Smile India Trust

Smile Foundation is a social development organization working to ensure the rights of the underprivileged sections of society since 2015. We are working closely with 14 grass root level organizations in and around Kolkata to ensure the basic rights of education, shelter care, nutrition, counseling, medical assistance, relief service and voluntary service guidance health care and protection of the vulnerable population, especially children and women. Smile India Trust also provides skill development training to women living below poverty line, so that they can start generating income to support their livelihood. We have reached out to more than 18,000 deprived children in Delhi NCR.

The effects of global disparities are widespread and evident; the needs of the poor are commonly overlooked in light of the most recent humanitarian relief and rebuilding efforts. With poverty comes a host of additional challenges including stigma, discrimination, and social injustice.

Smile India Trust is very happy to start a new initiative called FRIENDS OF Smile .

Mission of this new wing is to actively lend support to our cause by bringing light to people living in darkness. A movement, “of the people, by the people, for the people”.

1. To spread the message of Smile and enlist support from as many people as they can.
2. To meet once a month at chosen locations as per their convenience.
3. To participate actively and generously in supporting the work plan of Smile India Trust.
4. To suggest ways and means of strengthening the fight against poverty.

To Join Friends of Smile please enroll at the following address

Smile India Trust

NB: Minimum subscription to join Friends of Smile is Rs. 901/- yearly. Cheque should be in the name of “Smile India Trust” .The organization has 80 G tax exemption.