Smile India Trust, an NGO for children in India, is working hard to get rid of all the social evils plaguing our communities

Is this the progress our country has made where a good percentage of the child population lack access to life-supporting facilities like food, clothes, shelter, and education for behavioural development? Is this our achievements we boast of where people leave their children for begging on the streets due to financial crisis? Is this condition good […]

Smile India Trust, an NGO for disabled in India has taken necessary initiatives for combating hunger issues

We are living in a country, India, where a big chunk of the population is living below the poverty line. Maybe we have been counted under the category of fastest-growing nations in the world, but the reality is different, and we all know that very well. Isn’t it surprising for anyone to know that India […]

Smile India Trust, an NGO for disabled in India, is investing in imparting education to the less privileged children of society

Our NGO for disabled in India, Smile India Trust, is consistently riding and helping underprivileged children in India. We are living with a mission to find the right solutions to deal with the educational crisis in various schools in our nation. Also, we ensure life-changing education to the helpless, needy children belonging to the marginalized […]

An NGO for disabled in India is bridging the gap between rich and poor

The gap between those who have sufficient and those who have nothing is ever-widening every day. In India, many people are living a miserable life. Unfortunately, we can see children who are the future of our nation are not getting their rights in this godawful society. Neither they are getting two meals a day, nor […]